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Guarantee accessibility for all  

Providing an accessible digital experience for your online customers is crucial. 

After all, web accessibility is not just a matter of compliance - it’s a reflection of your business’s commitment to inclusivity and equality. 

But when it comes to providing an inclusive and accessible customer experience for all, you need a platform that can adapt to various user needs, including those with disabilities.

That’s why Talkative’s suite of AI-enhanced customer contact channels has been carefully designed to meet the standards set by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). 

By adhering to these guidelines, we commit to providing an accessible and seamless experience for all your customers.

Want to learn more about our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility? Read on for a full breakdown of how Talkative complies with WCAG. 

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Designed and tested with inclusivity in mind 

At Talkative, we strive to continuously update and optimise our platform in line with the most recent Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

After all, web accessibility should be a right for all users - not a privilege.

To achieve this, we ensure that all our contact channels and features, including live chat widgets, are rigorously tested using the WAVE suite of web accessibility evaluation tools.

This dedication ensures that our solution offers an unparalleled level of inclusivity, allowing customers to engage and communicate effortlessly - regardless of their accessibility needs.

WCAG compliance in action: Talkative’s features

The following are key features Talkative has included to provide optimal accessibility for your users…

Text readability

The Talkative team is committed to ensuring that all text content is easily readable and accessible for every user. 

With our colour reconfigurability, you can enhance contrast to accommodate various visual impairments and personal preferences during live chat interactions. 

Additionally, all hyperlinks are underlined to differentiate them from regular text, improving clarity and comprehension. 

You’ll also have the flexibility to adjust the sizing and spacing of text, aligning with both personal needs and brand consistency. 

Recognising the diversity in user interaction, text resizing is also supported at the browser or operating system level, further increasing accessibility.

Image accessibility

It’s not just text-based communication that’s important during customer conversations - visual elements can be significant too. 

That’s why we incorporate features to make images fully accessible to users relying on assistive technology. 

This includes descriptive button titles and the ability to configure alternative (alt) text tags for images. 

These measures ensure that all users, regardless of their ability to view images, can accurately interpret and understand any visual content provided.

Data entry

To facilitate smoother interactions for users, our solution offers advanced data entry features. 

This includes configurable autocomplete attributes that predict text to reduce typing effort, and browser-level form validation to minimise errors during data input.

These features are designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of data entry, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.


The Talkative solution supports keyboard navigation and various input modalities, such as pointers and other non-keyboard tools, through specialised CSS classes. 

This means that our platform is fully navigable without the need for a mouse.

Moreover, our chat widgets are responsive and mobile-friendly, providing easy navigation in both portrait and landscape modes without necessitating scrolling. 

This commitment to versatile and accessible navigation ensures that all users, regardless of their device or input method, can easily interact with our platform.

Overall usability

At Talkative, we believe in making every aspect of our platform accessible. 

This extends to the customisation of text throughout the chat interface, allowing for personalisation that meets the needs of all users. 

We also offer flexibility in how links are opened and provide the ability to adjust waiting time messages, accommodating users who require more time to respond.

Our dedication to safety is paramount, avoiding any content that could potentially trigger seizures or adverse reactions, thereby ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all users.

Through ongoing updates and the implementation of inclusive features, Talkative aims to provide a digital customer experience that is accessible, user-friendly, and accommodating of diverse user needs.

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Commitment to continuous improvement

At Talkative, we’re committed to making continuous improvements to the accessibility of our platform and all its channels. 

By staying abreast of updates to the WCAG guidelines and incorporating user feedback, we are dedicated to refining and expanding our accessibility features whenever necessary. 

This ongoing effort ensures that Talkative remains at the forefront of providing an inclusive and accessible experience for all.

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