Routing Engine

Flexible queue rules, fast engagement

Talkative's flexible routing capabilities give you the ability to match your customers with the right agents at the right time.

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Limitless queue creation for all eventualities 

Whatever Talkative contact channels you use, our Routing Engine enables you to create multiple queues with unique settings.

It means you can create a bespoke queue strategy that always steers your customers toward the right advisor or department. 

For example, you can: 

  • Toggle on/off your essential contact channels, including video chat, live chat, and more.
  • Set queue caps on a range of parameters. 
  • Route interactions based on priority level.
  • Edit your widget/s visibility based on URL page rules.
  • Open and close queues based on business hours - whether globally or per queue. 
  • Edit agent availability tags to keep track of your team and their breaks. 
  • Set up time-based overflow between queues.
  • Offer time-in-queue widget options, out-of-office hours, and extra contact options like email, chatbots, and more. 
live chat routing

Match your high-value customers with your best agents

You can manage your agents within Talkative by assigning them to groups and queues.

With limitless flexibility on the number of groups and queues you add them to - and with customizable settings for each - you can create a digital contact option for every eventuality. 

For instance, if you automate your least valuable interactions via an AI chatbot, you can save your most experienced agents for when it matters most.

Or why not offer live chat via your website and app, with the ability to escalate and transfer to video chat interactions? 

However you want to connect customers with sales, service, or support, Talkative empowers you to provide real-time service on your terms. 

happy customer live chatting with agent

Never miss an interaction again

Talkative agents handle interactions within the Talkative web console or mobile app.

Your team will always remain in the loop with visible, audible, and push notifications on hand. 

Meanwhile, interactions are delivered to the longest idle agent, assigned to multiple simultaneous users, or set via workloads - it’s all up to your supervisors. 

You can even configure priority level settings for each queue.

This ensures that urgent or high-value customer queries are prioritised and addressed promptly.

And if a team member is too busy or needs a hand?

Agents can transfer and escalate interactions to other agents, queues, or users - thanks to Talkative’s agent availability and queue visibility tools. 

priority setting for chat routing

Keep track of your contact team at a glance 

Alongside the above, Talkative provides supervisors and administrators with the toolset they need to maximize agent efficiency and workforce management. Featuring: 

  • Editable, real-time supervisor dashboards (including customizable stats, layouts, and design). 
  • Threshold alerts on real-time and historical stats. 
  • Historical analytics within dashboards that each user can customize. 
  • And an interaction log section that can give both agents and supervisors the full context of every customer conversation, from beginning to end. 
interaction log

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