Sentiment Analysis

Analyze chat interaction sentiment at a glance

Monitor positive and negative sentiments to make more informed, data-driven decisions. 

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Monitor live chat sentiment in real-time 

Talkative’s Sentiment Analysis features allow you to gain greater visibility over your live chat agents’ interactions.

With the ability to monitor all agents at a glance, you can step in or escalate conversations when your team needs help. 

Drill down into both customer and agent sentiment like never before.

Give your chatbot a performance review

Alongside live chat, Talkative’s Sentiment Analysis can also analyze your chatbot interactions.

It means you can get the exact data on whether your chatbot is helping customers to a positive outcome or causing frustration on the user end - allowing you to step in when it matters most. 

Alerts to keep you on the ball

Talkative’s alert system allows you to create bespoke Sentiment Analysis Alerts.

Available for email, SMS, and more, you can rest assured that you’ll always be kept up to date. In turn, you’ve got more time to focus on the bigger picture. 

Monitor customer sentiment, team sentiment, or a mix of both 

To ensure you can measure the metrics that matter most to your brand, Talkative empowers you to measure sentiment the way you want.

With the ability to measure customer sentiment, agent sentiment, or a mix of the two, you can gain a precise understanding of the whole conversation. 

Large-scale measurements for holistic improvements 

Want to measure the sentiment of your entire team?

Using Talkative’s Supervisor Dashboard Editor, you can create bespoke reports measuring every interaction performance. It means you can gain a broader understanding of how your team works day-to-day - rather than just interaction to interaction. 

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