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Forget standard omnichannel customer software. Instead, deliver real-time engagement with Talkative and 5x your interactions.

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What to look for in your omnichannel customer support software? 

If you’re an organization that wants to increase engagement and revenue, but struggles with a more complex sales and service process, Talkative is an excellent fit for you. 


Talkative was built to update the simplistic customer service strategies and channels that are no longer fit for purpose. 

It’s what real-time engagement is all about: greeting your most high-value customers on the channels that suit them. Meanwhile, your advisors gain the tools to make every interaction more personal and profitable. 

Want to learn more? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about real-time engagement platform. 

Take a look to see whether Talkative and your brand would make a great fit. 

What is Talkative, and what does it do?

Talkative is an omnichannel customer service software built for brands with high-value customers who’d benefit from a real-time service experience.  

Getting Talkative gives your advisors more time to deal with the most critical customer conversations. They’ll be equipped to engage with your customers through the right channel at the right time. 

In turn, Talkative powers the following results: 

  • 70% reduction in chat abandonment rate 
  • 20% conversion rate from chat to sale
  • 60% increase in inquiries
  • 400% increase in video chat purchases. 
  • 30% increase in average order value

Through a suite of intelligent contact channels proven to boost revenue, Talkative is the omnichannel customer service platform that helps brands connect better with their customers.

Whether via live chat, video chat, messaging, or any other channel, Talkative can transform your contact center from a customer support hub into a productive profit center.

And while all industries can benefit from Talkative's powerful and flexible capabilities, it’s organizations and brands in consumer contact that need to get Talkative the most. Why?

1. Talkative increases sales by 4x 

By deploying Talkative's innovative messaging and self-service tools across your website, app, and social channels, you can automate responses to common customer queries and provide the most accurate product suggestions. 

As a result, your support agents will be free to focus on what’s most important: the customers who want to treat themselves with your brand. 

This creates higher satisfaction, more robust customer engagement, and increased sales overall.

2. Talkative increases average order value by 30%

With Talkative's video chat, you can offer a digital customer experience that closely mirrors an in-person interaction.

Doing so means you can leverage in-store and desktop support agents to do what they do best: create a human connection by bridging the gap between digital communication and face-to-face interaction.

These humanized experiences foster greater customer loyalty, brand advocacy, and increased customer spending.

3. Talkative is the most customizable omnichannel contact center solution on the market

Whatever industry your consumer brand serves - be it retail, automotive, or travel, for instance - you need to present the strongest and most consistent brand narrative possible.

Competition is fierce, and the other businesses in your field understand that customer experience is king. Even the slightest deviation from your brand’s tone or image can disrupt the experience and deter countless customers from a sale.

It’s why we’ve created Talkative as the most customizable omnichannel chat solution on the market.

From our no-code chat widget builder to our advanced targeting, nudging, and routing capabilities, getting Talkative is your only option if you want to wow more customers and keep them coming back for more.

What are the key features of Talkative's software?

Talkative's offers a range of features that will empower your customer advisors to reach peak performance.

Enhanced live chat

With Talkative's live chat, you can quickly engage your customers via your website, app, or messaging.

What’s more, your agents can take full advantage of efficiency boosters, like:

Combine these with smart messaging and nudging across your website and app, and you’ve got a live chat solution that’s not only designed to assist your customers - but to actively engage and convert them too. 

From there, you can go a step further and deploy Talkative's innovative Virtual Advisor chatbot too.

With the help of this AI-powered virtual assistant, you’ll have a surefire way to engage every visitor navigating your online platforms. 

Meanwhile, your agents will enjoy more time to focus on the customers that matter most - those that need the hands on approach.

As you can see, it’s not just your customers that’ll be better off when you get Talkative. Your support teams and broader business will benefit too.

Video chat

For a digital customer experience like no other, Talkative's video chat truly brings the in-store experience online. 

You can turn your contact center into a virtual shop floor or showroom. 

How? By providing super fast and secure 1-to-1 interactions, thanks to WebRTC technology.

And, like our enhanced live chat, Talkative's video chat isn’t just an alternative to your standard video client. It far surpasses it.

With Talkative, you can launch video interactions directly from your customer’s browser or app. You can engage in the moment or schedule for a later date. You can even customize your video chat experience with a range of flexible supervisor options - from camera flipping and audio controls to virtual backgrounds and blurring.

It means that your video chat interactions can run fast and smoothly, all while striking the perfect balance between a professionally branded digital interaction and a friendly in-store chat.


And speaking of those friendly in-store chats: customer demonstrations can be much more powerful than text-based guidance. 

That’s why Talkative's Cobrowse makes the perfect compliment to providing a virtual consumer experience.

With Cobrowse, you can take control of your customer’s screen, offering them assistance right when they need it most. 

If they need help navigating your site, your agents can draw, click, scroll, and highlight, too - as if they were standing next to them.

It’s another way to set your brand apart as the market's most helpful, engaging, and real-time provider.


When we say omnichannel customer service platform, we mean it: alongside all the above features, Talkative can be deployed across messaging channels including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS.

By meeting your customers on these platforms, you’re better equipped to increase customer engagement and conversions. Meanwhile, your customer service agents don’t need to take on extra work - every Talkative interaction is handled within the system.

It means your agents can live in one pane of glass. At the same time, your customers have the freedom to pick and choose the contact channels that suit them best - all while experiencing the same fantastic service they’ve come to associate with your brand.

Web calling and callbacks

Finally, Talkative's web calling capabilities mean you can foster more significant revenue with the bonus of increased team efficiency.

By offering direct calls from your website and web callbacks for customer convenience, you can capture the attention of the customers that still prefer the more traditional communication channels. 

That means you’ll have all bases covered regarding customer preferences.

Finally, your agents can manage web calls, callbacks, and all our other contact channels in one single environment. It’s a seamless experience for all.

Talkative’s DNA

The above is an excellent introduction to Talkative’s key engagement channels and the benefits they can bring to the consumer contact center. 

But what makes us different from the competition? 

What sets Talkative apart? 

Here’s a deep dive into what makes Talkative unique.

How does Talkative differ from other customer service software solutions?

While other contact center software tries to spread itself across a million and one use cases, Talkative understands that different contact teams have different needs. 

It’s why we’ve built a platform that’s specifically designed to turn consumer-based contact centers from support hubs into profit hubs.

By getting Talkative, you can equip your contact center’s support agents with a sophisticated omnichannel platform that’s plugged into all your digital platforms - from your website to your app, and messaging channels.

It means that, without any additional fuss or over-the-top onboarding and installations, you can immediately create better conversations. All this will drive stronger customer relationships, increased sales, and booming revenue.

Your customer support team will no longer struggle to solve customer problems alone. 

Now, they’ll be able to spread true customer delight over all your customers’ favorite channels.

Meanwhile, your chatbots can handle the most basic repetitive queries that currently hog your agents’ time.

Your customers will no longer be getting in touch with problems to solve. Now, they’ll be treating themselves - and in turn, you - with their next dream purchase.

That’s the power of getting Talkative.

Why was Talkative designed with consumer contact centers in mind?

At Talkative, we understand the unique challenges that these brands and their contact centers face.

On the one hand, consumer brands must prove a gold standard in customer service and support. Your reputation relies on it.

It’s why your contact center is so integral to your business - even if it never quite serves its purpose as well as it should.

Phones and email might be the traditional choices for customer support, but in this day and age, the digital customer journey is the only customer journey.

If a customer is looking to treat themselves to the products and services they desire, they will head to your website, app, or social channels first. And if they can’t get the interactive support they need there, why would they bother using a phone?

“The company and website they are faced with clearly don’t care enough to make me a priority. I’ll go elsewhere.”

It means lost revenue for your business and a contact center that exists only to serve customers with problems, issues, and complaints.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Both contact center agents, teams, and your wider organization want connections with customers the same way your customers do. And they want this kind of engagement in an effortless, straightforward manner.

That’s why we built Talkative to fit seamlessly with any consumer contact center, CRM, or telephony system.

That’s why we created a range of contact solutions that plug the gap between your website and your contact center team - leaving the repetitive queries to automated self-service while your team fosters real customer engagement and higher sales numbers.

That’s why we built a solution to turn consumer contact centers and their teams into revenue boosters, not cost centers.

Omnichannel customer service software that’s flexible around you

Getting Talkative gives you the tools you need to engage and convert more of your high-value customers. It’s the intelligent digital engagement layer your customer communication team needs - omnichannel customer service software created for more modern customer engagement. 

Try Talkative today to see for yourself.

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What makes Talkative special?

"We've received great service from all members of the team we've interacted with at Talkative, from the developers to the directors."
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Rob King
IT Manager
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"Talkative were always available for any questions, which gave us the confidence we made the right choice."
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Cezar Almeida
Design Manager
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“Our guests are at the heart of everything we do, and we are so proud to be able to offer this personal service to our guests.”
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Clare Ward
Director of Customer Service
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“The tool is incredibly intuitive, making it easy for our team.”
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Ecommerce Project Manager
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“Talkative has been a winner all around.”
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“Having worked in IT for nearly 20 years, I can honestly say that Talkative is one of the best partners.”
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