Video Call Center Software: How to Choose the Best Video Chat Solution for Your Business & Contact Center

March 10, 2023
video call center software

The past decade has seen businesses and their contact centers undergo a rapid digital transformation.

New technologies and communication channels have surged in popularity and revolutionized the way brands connect with their customers.

But although these advancements have much to offer in terms of speed and convenience, they can strip away the human element of customer service.

Video call center software has emerged as a solution to this problem, combining the convenience of digital support with the humanized experience consumers crave.

When it comes to choosing a video chat solution for your contact center, there’s much to consider.

Fortunately, we’ve created this essential guide to help you find the right provider for your business needs. We’ll cover:

  • The rise of the video call center
  • Benefits of using video chat for customer service
  • How to choose the best video call software for your business
  • Getting started with video chat for your contact center
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The rise of the video virtual call center

In recent years, the use of video chat as a customer contact channel has taken the business world by storm.

The growing prevalence of this technology was accelerated by the outbreak of Covid-19, when video conferencing became an invaluable communicative tool for consumers and businesses alike.

In fact, the popularity of video chat customer service has surged by 89% since 2020 and is set to continue on this trajectory.

Aside from the unforeseen challenges of the pandemic, there are a number of reasons behind the rise of the video contact center.

Firstly, the lack of visual contact with customers has always been a significant challenge for contact centers, especially in cases where technical support or a product demonstration is required. Video call software rectifies this issue by allowing agents to communicate with customers face-to-face.

Secondly, video chat empowers contact centers to humanize digital customer support. With a video interaction, agents can replicate the in-person customer service experience and establish a more personal connection with the customer.

And finally, video calling aligns with the behaviors of the modern consumer. Nowadays, many customers are accustomed to using video chat apps like FaceTime in their personal lives - so it makes sense that they expect businesses and their contact centers to cater to these evolving preferences.

As technology continues to advance, it’s likely that video call software will become an increasingly integral part of customer communication and call center operations.

With this in mind, it’s imperative that businesses don’t underestimate the value of this growing channel - or they may get left behind.

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Why use video call center software? The benefits of video chat for customer service

The implementation of video chat comes with a multitude of advantages for both businesses and consumers.

In this section, we’ll explore the primary benefits of video call center software in turn.

Improved communication

As we’ve already touched upon, video chat software enables face-to-face customer conversations in the virtual realm.

The additional element of visual engagement means that agents can communicate better with customers and create a stronger sense of human connection. It’s why video calls have been found to improve digital communication for 99% of users.

The enhanced communication that video chat provides helps agents to build trust and rapport with customers. It also contributes to greater understanding and collaboration between participants, leading to improved customer service and more positive outcomes.

By leveraging the communicative benefits of video call interactions, your agents will be able to deliver higher-quality support and forge authentic customer relationships.

customer conversation with call center agent

Faster resolutions

The improved communication that video chat facilitates leads to another advantage - faster resolutions.

In fact, Talkative customers have found that customer interactions are resolved 60% faster when they take place over a video call.

With video, the face-to-face dynamic means that agents can identify and understand the customer’s issue much faster.

It also makes it far easier for the customer to explain their problem to an agent. Customers can use their camera, screen-share, and/or cobrowsing to demonstrate their issue and collaborate with the agent to reach a solution.

This is particularly useful for complex cases that require more hands-on guidance. Such cases would be difficult to resolve efficiently via other channels like email.

Overall, video chat makes faster resolutions possible by optimizing communication, increasing clarity, facilitating faster decision-making, and enabling real-time collaboration.

resolution time graphic with customers around clock

A next-level digital customer experience

The problem with digital customer service is that it can leave customers feeling disconnected from your brand.

Video chat offers a solution to this problem by empowering businesses and their contact centers to take the in-person customer experience online.

Thanks to video calls, agents can achieve a level of service and personalization that mirrors the in-store experience more closely than any other channel.

With video, they can provide face-to-face consultations, in-depth guidance, and visual demonstrations - just like an in-store representative would do.

Some brands have even used video chat software to offer virtual shopping experiences to their digital customers. Talkative customers Caseys Furniture, Lululemon, and Outdoor Voices are great examples of this strategy in action.

By harnessing the power of video chat, you can delight your high-value customers with the ultimate digital customer experience - and keep them coming back for more.

Increased revenue

A final key benefit of video chat software is its ability to boost revenue by increasing remote sales.

According to customer experience leaders, video calls help them convert in almost 40% of their customer interactions, generating an average of $6.9 million to $60.8 million in new revenue.

On top of that, Talkative data indicates that consumers are 4x more likely to make a purchase when they engage in a video chat.

Through a video call, sales agents can gain a greater understanding of the customer’s individual needs. They can then use this information to provide personalized recommendations and a tailored sales pitch that’ll get the best results.

Video chat can also be used to actually show customers your products and provide demonstrations. This brings an increased opportunity for upsells as well as an higher chance of a conversion.

Want to try out video chat software straight away? Sign up for a 14-day free trial with Talkative – no credit card required.

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How to choose the best video chat solution for your call center

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of video call center software, you’ve likely realized that it’s a valuable investment.

The next step is to find a video chat solution that aligns with your contact center needs and business goals.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled the key factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right provider for your brand.

1. User experience

User experience is a critical consideration when choosing a video call center software provider.

You need to find a platform that’s easy to use, reliable, and able to meet all of your business needs.

When you’re evaluating the user experience of a video chat solution, keep in mind the following factors:

  • Ease of use: Is the software user-friendly and intuitive? Can you smoothly transition to a video call from other channels like live chat?
  • Accessibility: Does the platform comply with the Web Content Accessibility guidelines?
  • Video call quality: Is the video and audio quality to a high standard, with minimal lag or delays?
  • Customization: Does the solution offer flexibility and customization, such as virtual backgrounds and a widget editor?
  • Features: Are all the additional features your contact center needs catered for? Does the software include collaboration capabilities like screen sharing and cobrowsing? Can it support both on-demand and scheduled video chat?

At Talkative, we pride ourselves on ticking all these boxes when it comes to delivering an exceptional user experience. 

With our platform, you’ll enjoy a one-of-a-kind video call experience that’ll delight your customers and empower your agents.

You can also seamlessly integrate and escalate between all Talkative channels - from live chat to video chat to cobrowse - and all within a single pane of glass. 

happy customer chatting with contact center agent on mobile

2. Integrations & compatibility

It’s important to find a video chat solution that’s compatible with your current contact center systems and platforms.

If the software falls short in this area, it may pose a roadblock to successful implementation.

Ideally, you need a solution that can be integrated with your existing CRM, helpdesk, and messaging channels.

Fortunately, the Talkative solution has all bases covered when it comes to compatibility and integrations.

We offer seamless integration with a vast range of systems and platforms, including (but not limited to):

Our video chat software can also be easily embedded within your business website and mobile app. That way, it’s effortless for your customers to find and access video support on any device.

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3. Analytics tools

Video chat analytics are crucial because they allow call centers to manage performance and identify areas for improvement.

They can also provide valuable insights into the behaviors and experiences of both customers and agents.

So, it’s imperative that the video chat solution you implement comes with a range of tools for analytics and monitoring performance.

When evaluating video chat providers in terms of analytics, there are a number of capabilities to look out for:

  • Metrics: Look for a platform that allows you to track and analyze a wide range of contact center metrics. Make sure that the metrics provided align with your specific business needs and goals.
  • Google Analytics: Ideally, you want a video chat solution that can be integrated with Google Analytics. With this tool, you’ll be able to take advantage of Google’s tracking capabilities for a greater overview of video chat performance - without any additional costs.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring capabilities are important for tracking agent performance and identifying issues as they occur. It’s why the Talkative platform supports real-time video chat monitoring as well as video call recordings and video chat transcripts.
  • Data visualization: The ability to visualize data in a clear and concise way is critical for monitoring performance and making informed decisions. It’s important that your chosen provider offers customizable data visualization tools such as charts and graphs. With Talkative, for example, customers can achieve this with the use of our flexible dashboard editor.

With the right analytics tools for video chat software, you can continuously improve performance and ensure that your brand is consistently delivering high-quality video experiences.

contact center agent performance

4. Security

You must ensure that your chosen video chat provider has robust security measures in place to protect your customers’ privacy.

This is crucial because video calls with customers often involve the exchange of customer data and sensitive information.

Here are some specifics to consider when you’re assessing video chat software security:

  • Encryption: End-to-end encryption ensures that only you and the person you’re speaking with can access the conversation. Be sure to choose a video chat solution that comes with real-time encryption as standard.
  • Data protection policies: Look for a provider that has clear policies and controls in place for user data, including how data is stored, who can access it, and how it’s used. Always check the provider’s privacy policy to ensure that your data is not being shared or sold to third parties without your consent.
  • Regular software updates: Your video chat provider should regularly update its software to address security vulnerabilities and ensure that its systems are up to date with the latest measures.
  • Compliance: Depending on your industry or location, you may need to choose a video chat solution that complies with specific regulations, such as CCPA in the US and GDPR in the European Union.

Clearly, there’s much to consider in terms of security when choosing a video chat solution.

Thankfully, Talkative’s video chat is built using WebRTC technology, meaning that Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP) encryption comes as standard.

And with additional features like optional video storage, sensitive information masking, maximum data security, and PCI, GDPR, and CCPA compliance, your customers will always enjoy maximum security and privacy when using our video chat.

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5. Cost

It’s always necessary to assess the cost of implementing new technology - and video chat is no exception to this.

The cost of a video chat solution can vary depending on the features you need and the number of users.

You should first determine your budget and then seek the options that are affordable for you. Be sure to find providers that offer tiered pricing plans and flexible payment options, such as monthly or annual subscriptions.

It’s also important to consider scalability. 

As your business grows, you may need to add more users or increase your video chat usage. So make sure that the provider you choose can easily scale your plan up or down, depending on your needs.

Many video chat providers (Talkative included!) offer a free-trial period, allowing you to test out their platform before committing to a paid plan. That way, you can make sure that the video chat solution meets all your needs before investing.

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The takeaway: Getting started with a video call center software solution

There’s no doubt that modern channels like video chat are the future for digital customer service and contact centers.

By implementing video call software, you’ll be able to offer a more personal and interactive experience while providing exceptional customer support.

But you need the right video chat for your business.

One that ticks all the boxes covered in this guide, and is specifically tailored to your business needs. 

That’s where Talkative comes in.

Our platform provides a complete suite of engagement channels that’ll empower your agents to connect instantly, and effortlessly, with all your digital customers.

As a primary feature of our solution, Talkative’s video chat comes with a myriad of features to help you engage and convert more customers - from multi-party video calls to next-level analytics, countless integrations, virtual backgrounds, and much more.

It means you’ll be fully equipped to wow your high-value customers with an innovative video experience they won’t find elsewhere.

Want to learn more? Book a demo with us today and discover how you can power premium video chat customer service with Talkative. 

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